About Typhoon Ducting & Accessories

Typhoon Ducting is a joint venture between Clemcorp Australia and Mount Isa Mining Supplies. Both companies have long histories servicing the mining sector and have a deep understanding of what the industry wants. An extensive R&D program has resulted in fabrics unique to Typhoon and new to the market.

Why choose us?

Typhoon Ducting is based on four key principles.

Reason 1

Service and Availability

We aim to have duct on the floor when you need it and with next day delivery on common items.

Reason 2

Built to Last

Typhoon duct is built to withstand the harsh conditions found in underground mines. Our material properties are unmatched in the industry and the result of extensive R&D.

Reason 3

Integrity and Openness

Our duct is regularly tested and our specification sheets are freely available. No more begging and pleading for information, we are proud of the product we have developed and stand by all our results and performance claims.

Reason 4

Rigorous Testing

Our duct is rigorously testing at our facility in Perth, we are the only supplier to have an in-house duct testing facility to ensure quality control.