Our Custom Designed Ducting Products

Typhoon ducting offers a variety of flexible ventilation ducting for all fan diameters and lengths. We also offer a range of accessories including Vent Parachutes, Blast Hole Liners, Concertina Duct Nixon Flaps and our new staple repair gun.

The Typhoon Product Range

  • Typhoon 300 Silver Typhoon 300 Silver

    Typhoon 300 is a 320GSM Woven Polyethylene duct specifically developed for the mining industry.

  • Typhoon 500 Orange Typhoon 500 Orange

    Typhoon 500 is our high end range of ducting for heavy duty applications. At 4000 denier it is truly a duct which can withstand the heavy knocks.

  • Twin Duct Twin Duct

    BiDuct for where clearances are tight and high airflows are still required. Our Hybrid 320GSM material our biduct is tough and durable.

  • Accessories Accessories

    With a wide range of ducting accessories, from Vent Parachutes, Nixon Flaps, Blast Hole Liners and Concertina we are sure to have anything product you need.

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