• Vent Parachutes

    Vent Parachutes are a quick solution to erect a temporary ventilation control. Available to suit all drive sizes from 4m x 4m to 6m x 6m.

    Available with or without zippers for pressure relief. 

    Vent Parachutes
  • Nixon Flaps

    More information about this accessory will be published soon. Please contact us if you wish for further details.

    Nixon Flaps
  • Blast Hole Liners

    Blast Hole Liners are available in PVC and PE duct available the following diameters in both 30m and 50m lengths. Diameters:

    • 67mm
    • 76mm
    • 79mm
    • 89mm
    • 92mm
    • 105mm

    Blast Holes Liners prevent explosive desensitisation by the presence of ground water.

    Blast Hole Liners
  • Concertina

    Flexible concertina duct is available in 1067mm, 1220mm and 1400mm diameters at both 5m and 10m lenghts. Ideal for use in high traffic areas or negative pressure applications. 

  • Vent Staple Gun

    The Typhoon Vent Staple Gun is a unique approach to duct repair and maintenance. No more needle and thread simply fold a small section of duct and staple it for rapid repair of tears and cuts. Available Now with boxes of 2500 staples. 

    Vent Staple Gun


Typhoon Ducting offer a range of accessories to compliment the main range of duct.